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EarthCycles Calendar, 2023 version

The EarthCycles calendar shows...

  • The 365 days of the year and their weekday
  • The weeks of the year
  • Gregorian solar months (Jan, Feb, etc.)
  • Javanese solar and lunar months Javanese days (Indonesian Calendar)
  • The lunar month of the year according to the Islamic, Javanese and Korean calendars
  • Planetary orbits for the year Location of each planet on each Solstice and Equinox
  • Earth's perihelion and aphelion (distance from the sun)
  • Moon phase Moon apsidal procession (distance of the moon from the earth)
  • Super and micro moon The main celestial events of the year
Featured Earth Cycles for 2023:
  • The Artic Caribou migration cycle
  • Monarch butterfly migration cycle
  • Ruby-throated hummingbird migration cycle
  • Gray whale migration cycle
  • Canadian Goose migration cycle.