🌈Colors & Symbols


The months of the calendar are given a progressive color of the spectrum. January begins as purple and then the months progress chromatically through red, yellow, green, blue and back again to purple. This is to symbolize the progression and evolution of the year.


Curiously, there is little in the way of generally accepted color symbolism for the planets. The color scheme for the calendar is based largely on the reserach of Patrice Guillard in his thesis Colors, Planets and Metals. Here he lays out a color scheme for the planets that reference the Babylonian, Harranians, MavΓ©ric (1910) and Gettings colorings.

Unfortunately, his theory has one glaring anthropocentric hole: he omits the Earth in his scheme. For this reason, the EarthCycles calendar uses a hybrid color scheme with the Earth taking a deep blue, Uranus a lighter shade, the moon a light grey and Saturn reverting to the dark brown coloring of the Maveric color scheme.


The days of the week, as you can read more about in the section Days, each have their root a reference to a planet. Consequently, each is given the color correspoding to its reference (i.e. Mars = red) begining in the 2022 version.

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