Print the Calendar

Full format printing

The EarthCycles Calendar comes as a PDF digital file. Take it to your local printer and asking them to print full color on photo paper. For framing the document prints at 80 x 86cm for a final cropped display size of 81cm in height and 76cm across. You can print it smaller of course, but it will lose legibility.

Tile Printing

If you don't have a large format printer near you, you can also ask for it to be printed on tiled A3 paper: 3 x 3 A3 sheets. The calendar can even be printed on tiled A4 sheets 4 sheets by 4 sheets across.


Unfortunately, many printers are now favoring 100% synthetic (i.e. plastic) "paper". Please try to avoid this and request real paper. After all, the calendar is only for the next year!

Fixed Perpetual Sizing

The same dimensions of EarthCycles calendar will remain consistent into the future. The final cropped display dimension of 81x76cm will be maintained so that calendar framing can be kept and reused

Framing As Storage

Plan your framing for calendar storage by requesting a thick (deep) fram. This way you will be able to stack/store the calendars on top of each other and/or use the same framing you invest in, for the next year.